Another way to declare Vuex modules

If your app has a complex state management system, and is based on vuex, your store probably contains several Vuex modules. If not, it should.

vuex-module is a way to rewrite your store modules. You will either like it for its most simple syntax or hate it for being an additional/confusing layer to your stackā€¦ Maybe you should at least give it a try.

vuex-module syntax example

This is the sample from the Github repository :

import { VuexModule } from 'vuex-module'
import shop from '../../api/shop'

const { state, getter, action, mutation, build } = new VuexModule('products')

state({ all: [] })

getter(function all() {
  return this.state.all

action(function fetch() {
  return shop.getProducts(products => {
    this.commit('fetch', products)

mutation(function fetch(products) {
  this.state.all = products

export default build()

And in the component :

export default {
  computed: mapGetters({ products: 'all' }, 'products'),
  methods: mapActions(['fetch'], 'products')

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